A Personal Website

I’ve been around the internet a while, from MySpace and LiveJournal, to Facebook and Twitter. Now the seeming collapse of Twitter and rise of Mastodon (which greatly excites me). I’ve had personal blogs, Blogspot, and hosted my own food blog for a while. In that time I have discoverd a few things about writing and the internet:

  1. Someone will always disagree with what you have to say, That’s ok and we* need to be more accepting of that.
  2. It doesn’t matter if your writing is perfect, just get it out of your head and on to the medium, it’s cathartic.
  3. Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one, and no one thinks theirs stinks.
  4. Themes need not apply, just write about whatever you feel like writing about that day, someone will enjoy it, or at least you will.
  5. Markdown is the best way to write digitally…. (see 1 and 3)

This whole thing of a personal website and blog feels pretty old school, I like that, I like nostalgia. Will Keep writing here? I honestly don’t know, but It’s worth a try. At least I have a home for content, a bio and some links now.

The cool nerdy part is, this is hosted for Free (as in beer) using GitHub Pages and the source code is on my github, I just push and boom. My content exists on the internet!

Though using the Jekyll Framework requires some configuration with github pages - to extend beyond the regular pages framework - I think it’s worth it to learn the framework instead of the default Plain HTML site.

*we refers to society