Jed Palmater

Software Developer
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  • A problem of my own design

    I think I’m probably an overly optimistic person, (at least the guy who wrote the post A Personal Website was). I think of all these great things I can do, or want to do, put them on my list (at least I got that far) and never do them. Then... [Read More]
  • A New Year

    Happy Holidays! I’m writing this update from what feels like an entirely new desk setup. For Christmas, I received the Keychron K8 Pro, a Grovemade desk shelf clone, and an articulating desk lamp. To say I’m grateful, spoiled, and privileged would all be understatements. I hope you have also enjoyed... [Read More]
  • A Personal Website

    I’ve been around the internet a while, from MySpace and LiveJournal, to Facebook and Twitter. Now the seeming collapse of Twitter and rise of Mastodon (which greatly excites me). I’ve had personal blogs, Blogspot, and hosted my own food blog for a while. In that time I have discoverd a... [Read More]